Madison Massage LLC
Lauri Ashley, LMT WI#2463-146


I'm pleased to bring Madison Massage, LLC to Lifecity Chiropractic!

Clients will no longer be required to wear a face covering.  For transparency I am both vaccinated and boosted and will wear a KN95 if requested to protect each and every client's health and well being.

Hi, my name is Lauri Ashley and I have been a massage therapist since 1999. During my career I have worked in hospitals, medical clinics, luxury spas and my own private practice, Madison Massage, LLC.

I take a therapeutic approach to tailor a massage to your individual needs. I will utilize muscle manipulation techniques that include deep tissue work, trigger point therapy and relaxation. The level of pressure applied during sessions will be to your comfort level.

The focus will be on minimizing pain, maximizing mobility and reducing stress. 

My massages are 100% professional and your comfort and modesty are considered at all times. 

Call/text 608-217-2458 for a massage appointment. I look forward to meeting you!