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New Clients


I like to find out some information about you before your massage. Specifically what your occupation is, what sports you do and how active your lifestyle is. A police officer or construction worker that wears a heavy, weighted belt while being very physical is going to require a different massage than a desk jockey that sits all day typing. The pandemic made quite a few of us less active and as we resume more activities that is bound to change the way your body feels.

What I'm trying to convey is that I tailor a massage to your individual needs. So please inform me at the time of your massage of any areas that are causing you discomfort or pain. The goal is to leave you feeling a decrease in your discomfort, a sense of relaxation and a heightened sense of mobility. 

Massage therapy is wonderful for improving the "mind-body" connection. We often carry stress and adapt to it so quickly that we really are unaware of how much stress is affecting us daily. That's where I come in.

Text me at 608-217-2458 and schedule an appointment. 

Cheers! Lauri